Safe and Reliable Processes

Starting from safe and reliable processes, the company works in all its lines following a well-defined pattern of premises:


  1. To elaborate innocuous and safe products
  2. To satisfy all our customers
  3. To meet all current legal requirements
  4. To improve constantly
  5. To preserve the environment and the animal's health and wellbeing.


Quality Policy

Frigolar has a food Quality and Safety Management System based on the regulations established on the Protocol "BRC Global Standard for Food Safety" - Issue 7 ; it guarantees the compliance to the pre-requisites programme made up of the Standardized Operative Procedures (SOP) (Procedimientos Operativos Estandarizados - POE) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) (Buenas Prácticas de Manufactura - BMP) , which serve as bases for the Hazards Analysis System and Critical Points Control (HASCPC) (Sistema de Análisis de Peligros Y Puntos Críticos de Control - HACCP) in use currently, in accordance to the regulations in the Codex Alimentarius. At the same time, the observance of the official sampling plans (Pathogens Reduction Plan; Rule 2073/5 CE and current SENASA memos) helps assure safety, favouring constant improvement.

FRIGOLAR obtained Issue 8 of the Global Standard for Food Safety Certification, ensuring the observance of safety, quality and operative criteria required at both national and international levels in the food production organization, to comply with the obligations and current legal regulations, and convey trust to all our customers.

We are proud to permanently improve our processes, reducing risks and offering trust in the whole field.



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