Frigolar S.A. works daily to add a differentiating value to the products it offers. In an extremely competitive and globalized market, it is imperative to constantly improve goods and services offered. Without any doubt, Logistics is a distinguishing factor, in which a high level of experience and professionalism are required to be able to respond and adapt to the needs of every customer.

To that end we possess a fleet of 80 trucks with which we can guarantee the excellence of our service to our customers, thus satisfying the highest quality standards of the market.


Our Fleet

Our cage trucks fleet allows the transportation of the livestock to the cold storage plant.

In order to carry that special flavour to people's tables, Frigolar owns 60 thermic trucks, which enable us to offer sale and distribution all over the country. This capacity turns Frigolar into one of the most efficient providers of boxes and innards in both internal and external market.


Delivery, our distinguishing feature

Logistics and distribution is a service we do ourselves.

Our own fleet of 50 refrigerated and frozen trucks is in charge of the regular delivery to 23 provinces in the country, reaching a total of almost 350 cities and towns out of the 5,400 customer's locations we count in our route map.


La entrega, nuestro rasgo diferencial